HELION PRIME Unleash Their Inner Space Monster With This Playthrough Of “The Human Condition”


It’s not often we get a science-based power metal band that passes through the doors here at GG, but when it came time for Helion Prime to premiere this playthrough for their track “The Human Condition” off their latest albumTerror of the Cybernetic Space Monster, we nearly jumped out of our spacesuits.

The Sacramento-based 5-piece are known for their sci-fi’d-out metal ways and this new dual guitar playthrough showcases that beautifully. Guitarists Jason Ashcraft and Chad Anderson come in a-flyin’ with their with hooky yet heavy riffage, all captured perfectly in this incredibly well-shot and well-edited playthrough. This is music to on a space adventure to, so get ready to blast off!

About the playthrough, the band had this to say:

“We are excited to release our first guitar playthrough. This video was a lot of fun to make and we promise Jason is having a good time despite looking bored at times. The Human Condition is one of our personal favorite tracks off the new album and was actually the first song we finished 100% for the album. It’s packed with a lot of killer riffs and just right for a playthrough video.”

Be sure to listen to the full album Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster here and to check out Helion Prime on Facebook and Instagram.

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