POWERGLOVE – Video Game Power Metallers Play Through “Kirby” Theme


Whether you were familiar with Powerglove or not before is irrelevant. From this moment forward, your life has been enriched with power metal’s finest (and only?!) instrumental video game/television theme cover band. In this BraveWords premiere, the quartet have triumphantly returned with a full-band playthrough honoring the best person to come out of 1992 – Kirby.

Relish in the beauty of classic Nintendo copulating with power metal, and heave a satisfied sigh of contented relief that there’s still some wholesomeness left in an otherwise hellish wasteland of human folly…

As part of their partnership with management World Entertainment Inc. and Knife Fight Media, Powerglove has planned to debut a brand new single from their upcoming album each month for 13 months – three of which are already out now. The project, dubbed Continue?, has been in the works since 2013 and will finally see its completion – albeit bit by bit – over the next year or so, culminating in a cohesive album release.

Bookmark these legends here to catch the previous singles from this year, peruse some merch, and peep a few summer tour dates that are in the works.

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