WES THRAILKILL is Progressing Progressive Metal with New Single GONE via KIESEL GUITARS


Kiesel Artist WES THRAILKILL showcases his Vader 6 and CC275 on this play-through for his track “GONE” off his album EVERYTHING THAT IS YOU. This is actually the exact type of music that I imagine is always played through a Kiesel.

I’ll admit it, it’s pretty difficult for me to get into and feel most progressive metal or rock, but this goes hard. Thrailkill starts with that jazzy and progressive feel that my basic brain can’t wrap around, but by the 4:20 mark, the progression has evolved into chords and rhythm patterns that, to me at least, are lightly reminiscent of the best parts SumerianCore, like when that genre just started becoming a thing and the sound of those progressions were new to my ears. I’m glad someone’s kept that feeling alive and is advancing it in a way that feels inspired.

I guess this is how I can sum up why I’m digging Trailkill’s track; it just feels inspired. It has that particular quality of inspiration, that when you hear it, it makes you want to write more grooves and progressions with that same feel, or at least incorporate it into how you write. So my thanks for doing what progressive rock by definition is meant to do, actually push and progress the boundaries of genre.

In terms of the guitar, his Vader 6 is as gorgeous as you’d expect from Kiesel, with an almost translucent pearl finish that subtly highlights color variation throughout. On top of that, his CC275 also looks and sounds beautifully bright, you can check it around the 7:30 mark.

Check out Wes Thrailkill’s album here, follow him on Instagram here, and on facebook here.

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