WES HAUCH Releases “Colony” Playthrough Featuring Signature Seymour Duncan Pickup

The name “Wes Hauch” kind of just summons a stamp of guaranteed quality at this point. Whether its riffs, solos, gear, jokes, or general conversation you can pretty much expect only the best stuff out of Wes.


This new playthrough of “Colony” from Alluvial’s 2017 opus The Deep Longing for Annihilation was just released through Ibanez and features Wes busting out some of the catchiest and most unique riffs from the aforementioned album. Hauch is toting his Ibanez RGD2127z loaded with his brand new Seymour Duncan “Jupiter” pickup. There isn’t a whole lot of information out there right now about this pickup, but whatever is going on down there sounds like it’s doing all the right things. I’m sure we can all expect an announcement and further information about this pickup this year at NAMM.

One thing about Wes Hauch’s sound that I’ve always been a fan of is his ability to do so much with so little. The “little” part that I’m referring to is gain. Wes has always been able to give the illusion that he’s using a wall of amps without any of the slop that typically comes with a situation like that. He’s always got just the perfect amount of gain, EQ dialing, and hand tone to make a fantastic casserole of tonal nutrition. I’m sure that the Seymour Duncan “Jupiter” will be yet another feather in Wes Hauch’s cap of tonal wisdom.

This video was shot by Randy Edwards and all of the tracking, mixing, and mastering duties were handled by Hauch himself.

Alluvial on Facebook
Ibanez Guitars official website
Seymour Duncan official website

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