VVON DOGMA I – CHAOTH (Ex-UNEXPECT) Plays 9-String Bass In This Exclusive Playthrough for “THE MASK”


Ever since the untimely demise of maybe the craziest band that metal has ever seen, Unexpect fans have been wondering what the members of the band will do next. For bassist Chaoth, that has taken the form of Vvon Dogma I. They recently released their Communion EP, which you can get right here, right now.

Chaoth had this to say about it:

“Most music featuring extended range instruments is all about technique. I wanted to bring the 9 string bass forward but focus on song writing more than fretboard theatrics.”

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  • Their EP is my favorite release of 2017 and I can’t say enough good things about it. Chaoth’s playing was my favorite part of Unexpect and I’m so happy he’s still going.

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