THANK YOU SCIENTIST: Guitarist Tom Monda Breaks His Earthly Bonds In This Fretless Guitar Playthrough Of “Terraformer”

New Jersey-based progressive rock/fusion group Thank You Scientist are about to drop their new full-length record Terraformer on June 14th! To pump the new tunes, the band has released this playthrough of guitarist Tom Monda shredding on his Vigier fretless guitar to the title track. Prepare to have your tiny mind blown!


In my humble opinion, Monda is one of the most underrated guitarists in the prog scene these days. He’s got his command of the instrument on lock-down, and if seeing him rock out this tune on a fretless guitar doesn’t convince you, nothing probably will. And that ridiculous solo at 5:43? Friggin’ come ON Monda!

Be sure to pre-order Terraformer here before it drops on June 14th.

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