RIVERS OF NIHIL- Dylan Potts Live Drumcam- “Reign of Dreams”

If you like death metal, then you need to check out this live drum playthrough of “Reign of Dreams” by Rivers of Nihil drummer Dylan Potts. Filmed at a recent show in Oslo, Norway on tour with a mighty line up of Obscura, Revocation and Beyond Creation, Dylan lays absolute waste to his drum kit. Some ridiculously fast blast beats and double kick action take up the majority of this heavyweight tune.


Looking relaxed and calm, Dylan looks like he could grind this performance out in his sleep. Each hit is seemingly effortless and without any problems whatsoever. He even looks like he’s fallen asleep at one point, but he hasn’t – he just has his technique down to a tee, while still keeping hold of the relentless power that is needed to play drums in a great death metal band.

After posting the video on their Facebook page, a keyboard warrior made reference that the video may be slightly generic in terms of just placing a camera behind a drum kit. He was firmly sat down back into his mum’s basement when the band replied that this type of video separates the men from the boys, or those that can actually play their band’s stuff as opposed to some studio-magic. Dylan definitely sits in the former category.

Go give it a watch and be upset that you can’t play this well.

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  • Bloody hell! Them beats be crazy!
    Really makes me curious what his setup is, down to the sticks and the batterheads.
    Amazing sound!

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