Playthrough Video: Rivers Of Nihil’s “Rain Eater”

Metal Blade has posted a playthrough video for Riverrs of Nihil’s new track “Rain Eater.” The tune is from the band’s new album The Conscious Seed Of Light, which was released yesterday.


The video jumps between the members of the band but generally gives a good showcase of each of the dudes (excluding the singer, who is absent because I doubt anyone is dying to know if he utilizes the cup-the-mic trick or if he’s more of an arm-behind-the-back kind of guy). They all have chops, but the band’s bassist is the standout, mainly for playing some very fast tech metal using four fingers instead of a pick. That shit ain’t easy.

The video’s synced to the studio mix, which is always a slight bummer because I’m always more curious to hear a band’s actual tones, instead of a perfected modern metal recording. One of their guitarists did this Rigged column at Metal Sucks recently though, which states that he plays through a 5150III. Sounds about right with the tones I’m hearing here, although in the studio it could be an Axe-FX or whatnot). Both guitarists play Ibanez.

I can’t get a good enough eyeball on the badges on the bass and drums though. Maybe the bass is a Spector? I can’t tell, but the drum logo seems to be Tama Starclassic.

Anyway, good song and a good glimpse at the playing. Plus they apparently play their guitar solos upside down, so these guys are really pushing the gravity envelope. Might be some kind of cross-promotion with Alfonso Cuarón…

Those looking to pick up Rivers of Nihil’s new album can do so on Metal Blade’s Rivers Of Nihil page.

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