MYOORA Try Their Luck In This Exclusive Dual Guitar Playthrough Of “TROUVAILLE”

Hailing all the way from Sydney lies one of Australia’s best-kept secrets: MYOORA. The progressive metal duo have been working tirelessly on their newest EP The Far & Few, which is set to drop on November 22nd, 2019, with a whole host of amazing guest musicians to boot. So to help get the mood started, we are pleased to present this exclusive dual guitar playthrough premiere of the track “Trouvaille”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


If you’re a fan of artists like Plini and I Built The Sky, then we can guarantee with absolute certainty that you’ll dig what Myoora have to offer. Hell, the dudes are even from the same place! There must be something in the Australian water, but more on that later. Guitarists Daniel Nesci and Daniel Pinto play off each other wonderfully in “Trouvaille”, and the duo are able to toe the line between melodic and heavy throughout the whole track. And back on the topic of amazing guests, the song features a stellar guest sax solo by the talented Loko McDonald, as well as bass by Jacob Umansky and drums by Nathan Bulla. And on top of that, the EP as a whole features co-production and engineering by Jake Howsam Lowe and mixing and mastering by Forrester Savell. *Whew*, did we get everyone?

Be sure to pre-order The Far & Few here before November 22nd and to follow the dudes on Facebook and Instagram for more instrumental and progressive goodness.

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