I BUILT THE SKY Takes Us “Up Into The Ether” In New Music Video

Instrumental prog shredders from Australia, I Built The Sky, have just released a new music video for “Up Into The Ether,” off their upcoming album The Zenith Rise. In the beginning of the video, it is made known that guitarist and songwriter Rohan Stevenson quit his day job and is focusing on the band full-time. I get a sense that the emotion in this track comes from a huge weight lifted off Stevenson’s shoulders. Oh boy, let me tell you, the melodies in this tune are HUGE. Definitely enough to get your heads a’ bobbing and toes a’ wiggling. Did I mention the incredibly gorgeous landscape shot in 4K with a drone? Totally badass.


Fans of CHON, Plini, and Intervals will totally dig these dudes. This track is an absolute banger, and I can’t wait for the album release – which happens to be November 1, 2019. Be sure to stay updated with I Built The Sky through their Facebook and Instagram. And while you wait for the new album, check out the rest of their discography on Spotify.

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