MISERY INDEX Drummer Adam Jarvis Goes Into Maximum Overdrive On This Playthrough Of “The Choir Invisible” (Feat. DDRUM M.A.X. KIT)


Misery Index drummer Adam Jarvis recently put out this playthrough for the band’s new song “The Choir Invisible” from their forthcoming 2019 album Rituals of Power (out March 8th). The playthrough features Jarvis pummeling his way through a relentless death metal track with ease, all while sporting his ddrum USA M.A.X. kit. Jarvis is a ddrum endorsed artist, and his kit specs out with the following hardware:

  • 7×10 Rack tom
  • 8×12 Rack tom
  • 14×16 Floor tom
  • 18×22 Bass drum X 2
  • 6.5×14 Brass Modern Tone (The Hammer)

You can pre-order Rituals of Power on the band’s website here.

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