LEE MCKINNEY of BORN OF OSIRIS Releases Solo Playthrough For “A Neverending Explosion”


Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney recently announced the upcoming release of his new solo album Infinite Mind (out March 29th via Sumerian Records). To hype up the new tuneage, the young musician has just dropped this stellar playthrough for the track “A Neverending Explosion”, only right here, on Gear Gods!

In terms of the sound of this playthrough, the song has some pretty familiar heavy elements that one might come to expect, but the track itself has a few more melodic characteristics that aren’t as prevalent in the sound of BoO. Soaring melodies, repeating hooks, and even some saxophones all come together to give this track a distinct feel that is specifically unique to McKinney. It’s all pretty sick, and of course, even has something for all the metal guitarists out there.

Be sure to preorder Infinite Mind here and to follow the dude on Facebook and Instagram.

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