INVOLUNTARY CONVULSION Defines Brutality in ‘Disambiguation’ Playthrough

Involuntary Convulsion write fast, intense, and intricate songs. “You mean, kinda like all Brutal Death Metal?” Yeah, nah not really.


Their guitarist Adrian Cappelletti sets them leagues apart from their closest peers. Mostly ‘cos the dude is a legitimate riff-shredding prodigy. Judging by his skill level, I’m gonna guess he spent every waking hour of his teen years learning Disgorge and Deeds of Flesh tabs that he found on Rivers of Gore.

Watch him sixteenth-note through some aberrant passages of music and casually sprinkle in taps and trem bar work, like it’s nothing. His fingers don’t stop moving. They barely even slow down.

dat hi-vis in the background #straya

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Australia is having a Brutal Death Metal renaissance at the moment. And Involuntary Convulsion are one of the latest bands in a string of Aussies to sign with Brutal Death taste-maker label New Standard Elite (along with Disentomb and Seminal Embalmment, AKA the ‘Ibanez RG six string squad of sickness’).

It’s a fact, more sickness is being slammed in Australia than anywhere else in the world, on a per capita basis. The US might have kicked it off and Eastern Europe had their time. But make no mistake, thanks to bands like Involuntary Convulsion, Disentomb and Splatterpuss, the BDM crown belongs to Australia right now.

Though, I can’t lie – Indonesia is body-bagging it too. Pretty much everywhere below the equator is fertile ground for Brutal Death atm.

If you want to do some homework, go get the debut Involuntary Convulsion EP Tempus Edax Rerums and check out the other A-grade Indo and Aussie bands on the NSE roster.

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