FOUR STROKE BARON Fulfill All Your Bass Needs And More In “A MATTER OF SECONDS”

Reno-based rock outfit Four Stroke Baron are BACK, this time with an exclusive playthrough for their track “A Matter of Seconds” by bassist Keegan Ferrari! The track screams “fun” right as things kick-off, and Keegan’s playing and energy are a testament to that. With the contrast of heavy grooves tied underneath the soaring vocals they are known for, this is a classic Four Stroke Baron hit that offers plenty of the band’s signature sounds. Check it!


In addition to the absolutely kickass playthrough, the band has teamed up with Birmminghorn Meadery to create the equally kickass A Matter of Seconds mead! If you’re of the legal drinking age, we definitely recommend heading over to the site to see what they have to offer, because as far as we know, FSB is the first band to ever produce a custom mead. Makes you feel like pillaging, yeah?

About the gear used on the track, here’s what Keegan had to say:

“For the recording, I went straight from my Warwick Corvette $$ into the Parallax plugin from Neural DSP, but I did my best to emulate my live rig which consists of the Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra distortion and Hyper Luminal compressor as the main tonal drivers. Anything that Doug has his hands in is guaranteed gold and he’s also just the nicest dude; FSB had the chance to tour the Darkglass factory on our recent European run with Shining (Norway) and it was easily one of the highlights of the tour for me. This song is a blast to play and I’ve adapted it quite a bit since the album recording — most notably, switching from a pick to fingerstyle/slap. The verse, in particular, has a small sweep that was fun to convert to the new playing style. Stoked to take this one out on the road in a few weeks!”

Be sure to get Planet Silver Screen here, follow the dudes on Facebook and Instagram for all sick future tuneage, and catch ’em on tour below throughout all of November:

  • 01  November – Dallas, TX @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio  
  • 02 November – Oklahoma City, OK @ Your Mom’s Place 
  • 03 November – Wichita, KS @ Elbow Room   
  • 07 November – Minneapolis, @ MN Part Wolf 
  • 08 November – La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse  
  • 09 November – Barrington, IL @ Penny Road Pub 
  • 11 November – Louisville, KY @ Magnolia Bar
  • 12 November – Memphis, TN @ Canvas  
  • 14 November – Houston, TX @The Acadia Bar
  • 15 November – Corpus Christi, TX @ Boozerz Rock Bar
  • 16 November – Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar
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