CARNIFEX “Drown Me In Blood” Full Band Playthrough

Carnifex has a new album, Slow Death, coming out on August 5th, and they’ve released this playthrough video for the song “Drown Me In Blood” featuring the entire band. Calling it a playthrough is a bit strong, as it’s really more like a music video that sort of focuses on the performances – but whatever it is, it’s cool.


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  • What is the point of calling it a playthrough when you don’t actually show enough consistent footage of each instrument playing a section so people can see what is going on?

    • OMG, +1 MILLION. How the hell are we supposed to enjoy their playing when it’s cut like a music video?

  • If anyone has seen this band live. They know for a fact that, THAT drummer fucking SUCKKKSSSS. Can’t play close to this tight.

  • so boring and dated. yo, y’all heard of dimmu borgir? them 8 strings aren’t helping.

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