BENIGHTED – Live Drum Playthrough for “Reptilian” by New Drummer KEVIN PARADIS

The beast that is Kevin Paradis is now behind the kit for the mighty Benighted. Peep this live playthrough of the band’s rager “Reptilian” from the lovely titled new album Necrobreed.


Pretty impressive huh? As Kevin states on his Youtube, this isn’t the first time he has played with the French heavyweights; he filled in for them a few years back and had to learn the tunes on his practice pads in the back of the van. It’s no surprise after doing such a great job that the band asked him back and to play for them full-time. This drum playthrough shows exactly what he can do and why he’s the right guy for such a difficult job. Benighted are stoked that he has joined their ranks, and what better way to welcome him to the fold than with this live video of him destroying his kit?

Some seriously tricky stuff going on here with this one; it’s obviously fast as fuck with rapid double kick patterns and hand-work all over the place. The track itself is so horrifically brutal but brilliant in its unadulterated aggression and ferocity, it is making me want to grab my computer and throw it out of the window with my face as I write this. When music makes you feel something, even if it is adrenaline-fueled anger, then you know it’s good.

These guys rip, don’t know about you but this gets my blood flowing, check them out if you haven’t heard them already, you won’t regret it. As for Kevin, you can ask him kindly to play drums for your band, just make sure you’ve written something difficult enough so he doesn’t get bored. E-mail him at if your drummer sucks or if you have no friends.

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