ARCHSPIRE: Bassist Jared Smith Seeks And Destroys This Playthrough Of “Remote Tumour Seeker”

Our favorite techy-bois in Archspire are back, this time with a new playthrough for the song “Remote Tumour Seeker” by bassist Jared Klein!


If you’re familiar with these guys in any capacity, you’ve probably heard this track off their latest album Relentless Mutation. As with most of their music, this song is fast. Very fast. Like, stupid fast. And heavy. And shreddy. But above all those adjectives, it is but one thing: TECH. And as you can tell from the playthrough, Jared has no problem playing this shit on bass, which is pretty impressive considering how much he’s actually doing here. Most bassists would take the back seat and lay low in the mix with this kind of music, but Jared holds nothing back when performing the bass parts for this song, and it really does bring the overall sound to the next level.

Be sure to get Relentless Mutation here and to follow the dudes on Facebook and Instagram.

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