ARCHSPIRE Double Up On This Dual Guitar Playthrough Of “Involuntary Dopplegänger”


You may know Vancouver-based tech death band Archspire from their insanely fast shredding, or their insanely fast drumming, or their insanely fast vocals, or their insanely fast bass playing. In case it wasn’t obvious, these dudes like to do things as fast and intense as possible, and that is exactly the case here for their newest guitar playthrough for their track “Involuntary Dopplegänger” off their 2017 LP Relentless Mutation.

In the playthrough, guitarists Dean Lamb and Tobi Morelli tremolo their way through about 4 minutes of some of the craziest technical death metal we’ve ever heard. The song holds you ’til the very end, and there is no stopping what they have created. Be sure to listen to/buy the full album here.

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