ALUSTRIUM Dig “A Tunnel To Eden” In This Sick Guitar Playthrough

Philadelphia’s Alustrium is a band that is new to me, but are clearly not new to playing their instruments. Equal parts tech-death and prog, their sense of melody is as twisted as it is beautiful, and their chops are on point.


They also have great taste in guitars, and this video is filthy with guitar porn, featuring a Kiesel Vader in Arctic Burst, and a PRS in… Arctic Burst. Also a pretty hefty wall of Orange cabs and a couple of Axe-FX IIs.

So feast your eyes and ears on their playthrough of their track “A Tunnel To Eden”, from their album of the same name, which is available now.

If this tickled your fancy, they’ve got loads more cool stuff, including some rig videos and the like on their YouTube channel.

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  • axe Fx ultras not IIs

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