AHTME: Guitarist Dalton Harper Gets Existential In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough Of “To Exist”


Kansas City, MO-based band Ahtme are an up-and-coming death metal act with some promise ahead of them. The 5-piece group have just released this guitar playthrough of their song “To Exist” featuring guitarist Dalton Harper. The track is from their 2018 LP Sewer Born and features some serious shredding, so you’ll probably want to sit down for this one. Check it!

Now if you’re a fan of riffs, and we mean solid riffs, this tune is for you. Featuring some classic death metal riffage, as well as a searing guitar solo, these guys have convinced us that they are onto something here. For fans of tech, deathcore, and thrash metal, there’s a little something for everyone here. You can pick up their album Sewer Born on their website, as well as follow them on Facebook.

Side note, one of my personal favorite things about this band is the beautiful prayer on their Facebook page:

“Our Father, Who farts in heaven
Ahtme be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom dung,
Thy will be dumped, on earth as it is in 7-11.
Give us this day our daily dookie,
and forgive us for our bowel movements,
as we forgive those who pass gas against us;
and lead us not into constipation, but deliver us from irritation.
The power of The Father, The Buns
And the Holy Shit. Amen. All Hail AHTME!”


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