When Metal Music and Gaming Combine to Perfection

There are many elements of any game that determine whether or not it’s great. One of the most important, but often overlooked, is the game’s music. When playing a game, you want the music to accentuate your emotional state, such as by using heavy and high-tempo tracks to ramp up the excitement.


One genre which isn’t used too often is metal, but there are some titles that manage to gel the intense rhythms of metal with gaming to perfection. So, let’s delve into these legendary games which have pulled off a masterstroke of genius with their embrace of metal music. Want to reach new exciting levels of your game like your friends, Unlock them with all new features of the game by boosting up with the help of professional game booster company elo boost.

God of War

God of War has long been famous for its hectic action sequences and god-killing combat which, obviously, perfectly suits the genre of heavy metal. For scenes of combat and major battles, Kratos’ swinging Blades of Chaos slicing through his foes was often accompanied by the raging beat of metal music, inspiring you onwards and emphasizing the rage of the great Spartan. In 2018, the franchise reboot God of War smashed its way to almost all of the major game of the year awards as well as the BAFTA Games Award for Audio Achievement.

In the new game, while Kratos is trying to hide his Spartan nature, it comes out often and with force. The new score composer, Bear McCreary, said that he loved the old games’ soundtrack in an interview with Revolvermag.com, as the intense, loud music reminded him of going to a heavy metal concert. The new soundtrack is much more varied, but McCreary was sure to include some of the metal scores from the original trilogy.

House of Doom

It’s not very often that iGaming developers team up with bands or music icons for the development of games, but Play’n Go proved that doing so can create an online gaming masterpiece. Earlier last year, Play’n Go teamed up with Swedish metal band Candlemass to create a song specifically for a new game, and to create the game in the theme of the band’s new track.

Fans had been waiting a long time for a new Candlemass track, so the slotxo slot game developers amped up the promotion trail to mark the release of House of Doom – the name of both the slot game and the new track – so as to showcase exactly how developers and bands can combine to create something superb. Sitting among the most popular slots online at Aspers.com among music fans, House of Doom’s backing track, soundbites when wins come in, and bonus music, give metal fans a truly unique experience.

Brutal Legend

Few games have taken the collective metal and gaming fan base quite like Brutal Legend. In this Electronic Arts release from 2009, the setting, story, characters, and the soundtrack are all based in a world of heavy metal. The game even features the voices of famous heavy metal musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Lita Ford, and Rob Halford, as well as Jack Black and Tim Curry. Overall, the real-time strategy and action-adventure hybrid fared very well with players and critics at Metacritic.com, delivering a fully immersive heavy metal experience.

Great games go above and beyond to perfect every aspect of the experience. The games in the God of War franchise, House of Doom, and Brutal Legend all utilized metal music differently but ultimately provide a killer way to game for all music and gaming fans.

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