Watch MINUS THE BEAR’s Guitarist Demo The New LINE 6 DL4 MkII

Minus The Bear guitarist Dave Knudson is a big DL4 guy, and of he course had to demo the new DL4 MkII. Check it out below featuring a ton of Minus The Bear music, which is always nice.


Line 6 reissued their classic DL4 Delay Modeler with a brand new, pretty updated version called the DL4 MkII earlier this week. The DL4 MkII includes all the sounds and functionality of the original DL4, alongside 15 new delays taken from the Line 6 HX family of effects processors, two looper types, an XLR microphone input, MIDI capabilities, heavy-duty footswitches, three bypass options, and microSD memory expansion.

The DL4 MkII also features 128 Presets via MIDI with footswitch control of up to six, and an input for optional expression pedal or two additional footswitches. The DL4 MkII is available here for $299.99.

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