WAMPLER Introduces Ratsbane, Your New Favorite Tiny ProCo RAT Clone

If your new stoner doom band is lacking in the fuzz department, allow me to introduce you to the Wampler Ratsbane pedal.


The Ratsbane pedal is a play on the classic ProCo RAT fuzz pedal that offers everything from light overdrive to full-on face-melting Windhand tones. The Ratsbane offers such diverse tones thanks to filter control. The filter control helps you cut straight through the mix with precision and high-frequency attack, or just bust out the fattest and dirtiest lows you can possibly have.

The Ratsbane also offers a gain switch with three distinct choices and a voice switch to subtly alter the compression and clipping. As an added bonus, the Ratsbane boasts a compact casing that easily squeezes into busy pedalboards. A casing, might I add, that has a totally kickass plague doctor design.

The Ratsbane retails for $149.

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