VIRGIL DONATI – Vater Assault Signature Drumsticks

So Virgil Donati is pretty good at playing the drums – watch this video of him showing off his signature Vater Assault model drumsticks.


As Virgil says in the video, he has been using these sticks for a good 20 years and they never let him down. Similar in grip and size to a 2B, they give a good amount of weight and punch. With a rounded barrel tip and beefy shoulder, you get more bang for your buck. Hickory wood rarely lets you down as well, if you’re like me and go through sticks like water then Vater usually is right up there with the most durable of stick making companies; not invincible but certainly able to withstand a few heavy rim shots (giggidy) and cymbal stabs.

Check the sizes and see if they work out for you-

  • Length
    16.375″ | 41.59cm
  • Grip
    0.625″ | 1.59cm

Available here if you wanna layeth the smack down on your poor unsuspecting drum kit. Buying the sticks won’t make you sound like Virgil, but at least it will get you on your way.


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