VALCO Introduces Versatile New KGB Fuzz Pedal

Let’s get this out of the way right up front. The Valco KGB Fuzz pedal isn’t paying tribute to the Soviet Union’s KGB security committee. The KGB in this instance is an acronym that stands for its applications – keys, guitar, and bass.


The versatile Valco KGB Fuzz pedal allows tone-sculpting with or without the fuzz circuit engaged, with lower settings giving a more vintage and softer fuzz, and higher settings offering a more direct and aggressive crunch. The pedal features a Variable Input Impedance Selection; multi-mode Silicon Fuzz that covers Two Knob, ToneBender, Muff, and Velcro fuzz styles; and perhaps most importantly, a fuzz/dry mix fader.

The Valco KGB Fuzz pedal offers a pretty wide variety when it comes to controls. There’s the Impedance Selector to change the tonality of the fuzz, dry signal, or any other pedal down the line, as well as the option to completely bypass the selector. There’s also a Voice Selector that allows you to get pretty granular with things and really sculpt the EQ and gate of your fuzz.

The Valco KGB Fuzz pedal is available here for $299.

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