TOSIN ABASI Gets His Own Signature Set Of Fishman Pickups

Well, here’s something straight out of left field! Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders now has his own signature set of Fishman active pickups. This is a big surprise considering Tosin has been a big lover of passive pickups. These pickups will come in 6, 7, and 8 string sets. No release date has been issued at this time, but I would guess it would be sometime around March or April.


Tosin sat down with Fishman and talked about designing his new pickup. He said the thing he loved was that he could tell them what kind of sound he was looking for and they would do it on the spot. He didn’t have to wait it a new pickup to test the sound he wanted. Watch the full interview with Tosin for all the deets!

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  • Fishman is making some serious headway with artists as of late. Definitely need to check out a set.

  • If he could say “literally” a few more times, that’d be sick. Haven’t (quite literally) heard a single bad thing about these pickups though…

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