Top 10 Songs Inspired by Greek Mythology

Greek mythology has always been a great starting point for musicians and popular artists’ songs. The power, mystique, and endless stories have been shared by many over the years. Here are ten of our favorites. 


Aphrodite – Goddess of Pleasure and Romance – Megan Thee Stallion – Freaky Girls

Besides being the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, Aphrodite is also the goddess of pleasure and romance. No other than Megan Thee Stallion today can best depict the confidence exuded by Aphrodite, who is a seductress of mortals as well as gods. Megan Thee Stallion portrays Megan as a powerful woman who intimidates men, breeds prize babies and is all-around special. Aphrodite embodied the same kind of attraction in ancient Greece, helping create the beautiful Pandora, a woman who evil men loved and desired.

Poseidon – God of the Sea – Tyler the Creator – I Ain’t Got Time

According to classical Greek religion, Poseidon, the sea god, was one of the most ill-tempered Olympians. The ocean reflected his unstable temperament and emotional fluctuations, as he was easily insulted and quick to drive to vengeance. The tempo and styling of ‘I Ain’t Got Time!’ is the perfect reflection of the moody nature possessed by Poseidon.

Hera – Queen of the Gods – Taylor Swift – No Body, No Crime

In “No Body, No Crime,” Taylor Swift proves that Hera is not someone to mess with by mentioning that she is known for her solemnity. Zeus and the women he was associated with were often punished by Hera, and unlike Swift, she was not ashamed of her revenge either. As far as mortals and gods were concerned, Hera “would not let up until the day he died.”

Apollo – Divine Distance 

He was the greatest musician among the Olympians and the god of poetry, music, and the arts. A golden lyre, a stringed instrument similar to a harp, was the instrument he used to entertain other gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. “I Hear A Symphony” by Cody Fry equals Apollo not as much in lyricism as in the carefully realized symphony that brings the song to life. Using a musical interpretation displays the musical skill associated with Apollo. In Fry’s description of perfection, he relates to Apollo in another way because he was a subject of others’ admiration because of his glowing grace. 

Ares – God of War – Cage the Elephant – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Unlike Athena, who represented heroism in war, Ares was concerned with the brutality and brutalities of war on the battlefield. As a song about struggle in an unfair world, it reveals the violence that comes with surviving, just as it does on the battlefield. The chaotic and violent nature of war is what makes “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant relate so well to Ares. This song implies that people are doing things that are not pleasing to them. During the Trojan War, many soldiers fought and died not for themselves but for their position as soldiers.

Hermes – Guide to the Underworld – ACDC – Highway to Hell

The messenger god Hermes served as a guide to the Underworld and as a protector of thieves and travelers on Mount Olympus. His ability to move freely between the divine and mortal worlds enabled him to lead souls to Hades, taking them on the “Highway to Hell.” Hermes’ reputation as a trickster and his enjoyment of deceptive acts is reflected in the song’s phrase, “Don’t need no reason, don’t need no rhyme.”  

Athena – The Goddess of Wisdom – Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

The Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, was the goddess of wisdom, reason, arts, and war, along with other things. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is the perfect inspiration from this Greek goddess through the various ideas that appear throughout the record. This song shows how wise and creative Turner is in his songwriting. He specifically sings about technology, even if the idea of a hotel on the moon seems pretty far out. Athena was known for inventing many specialties such as tools, weapons, ships, and chariots, showing her deep love of crafts, art, and technology in a broad combination.

Artemis – Goddess of Wild Animals, Childbirth, Vegetation, and Chastity – Destiny’s Child – Girl

Artemis had a reputation for being both the goddess of the hunt and of the protection of women and young children. She was one of the most revered of the ancient Greek deities. Her desire to protect and nurture others was born from serving as her twin, Apollo’s guardian. A desire to protect others is symbolized by “Girl” by Destiny’s Child. Despite this, the group focuses on heartbreak rather than protecting women. Historically, the goddess Artemis protected Greek women. Female solidarity is communicated powerfully through the chorus line, “I’m your girl, you’re my girl, we your girls.”

Demeter – Goddess of Harvest and Fertility – Lauryn Hill – Everything Is Everything

According to her mythology, Demeter lost and searched for her daughter Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades. The Greeks believed her neglect of the earth and Persephone’s absence to be the cause of the winter season as she is the goddess of the harvest and fertility of the earth. After searching for her daughter and then finding her, she knows all too well what Lauryn Hill refers to when she says, “After winter, spring must come.” The song does finish on a more positive note. The line ‘what is meant to be, will be… tomorrow, our seeds will grow’ is a direct referral to Demeter surrounding the seasonal months of spring and summer. During these months, the goddess is known as the good goddess, mainly due to the happiness she brings when feeling good.

Dionysus – God of Wine and Pleasure – Conan Gray – Greek God

“Greek God” is the anthem for outsiders. The essence of Dionysus is being an outsider. A lover of wine, music, and ecstatic behavior, he was able to liberate his followers from society’s shackles and protect misfits. Despite being an outsider, Dionysus and his worshippers did not seem concerned about whether or not you liked him. The opening lines, “Oh, I don’t really care whether you like me or not,” illustrate this.

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