TOONTRACK Releases Session Organ EKX Expansion For EZkeys 2

If you weren’t into Hammond’s new portable organ, maybe the Toontrack Session Organ EKX expansion is more up your alley.


The Session Organ EKX samples all 91 spinning tonewheels of a well-kept Hammond organ and then merged them with advanced modeling of both the organ’s tone and all its classic traits, like key clicks, percussion, vibrato and chorus.

The Session Organ EKX offers a modeled Leslie speaker with seamless user control for rotary speed, two full 61-note and five-octave manuals, a fully featured 25-note bass pedal console, and three sets of user-controllable drawbars. Then there are editable dynamics, key clicks, percussion, and Scanner Vibrato effect, as well as a broad selection of MIDI for a wealth of playing styles and genres.

“Few instruments have made marks in music history so indelible that they in the process have become just as famed as some of the songs that were created on them. The Hammond organ is undoubtedly one of those,” wrote Toontrack of the expansion.

“Since it was first introduced, it has fostered generations of new players and has had a profound impact on the development of anything from gospel, jazz and blues to funk, prog, rock and the many iterations of modern music of today. We are proud to add this icon of organs as an expansion for the EZkeys 2 format.”

Get it here for $89. You can also check out Toontrack’s massive sale on basically everything here.

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