HAMMOND Introduces Their Most Portable Organ Yet, The M-Solo

The Hammond B-3 and all the associated organs are a bit of a pain in the ass to lug around. Fortunately, Hammond has just rolled out their M-Solo keyboard that largely fixes that issue.


The M-Solo weighs a total of eight pounds and features 49 keys and a “MTW II” Drawbar engine as found in the Hammond XK-4 Organ. Then there are all the usual Hammond appointments like the traditional Drawbars, Vibrato-Chorus, and Touch-response percussion. Coupled with some new features like the virtual “Multi-Touch” keybed that provides the “real-deal” B-3 playing feel, convenient transpose and octave shift controls, three user-programmable preset tabs, and Hammond’s high-definition digital LESLIE.

Then there are three period-accurate models of the most popular transistor “Combo Organs” aboard, able to be registered in the same manner as the originals – the above-mentioned organ, a 70’s-type String ensemble, and an analog-style polysynth with twin oscillators.

Get the M-Solo in Black or Burgundy here for $1,295.

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