The Tiny Amp Trend Continues with Hevos’ 400s Bass Amplifier

T.C. Electronic and Markbass have some more competition in the tiny bass amp arena, where they will fight to the death without arms, legs, or sentience. A  Dutch company, that I’ve admittedly never heard of before, called Hevos has released the 400s. Guess how many watts it is?


It’s kind of odd that the big selling point, besides the little size, is the dual inputs on the front, but if you play Warr guitar or have some other outrageous bass routed with loopers and whatnot then separate lines and gain controls can’t hurt.

Oh, and apparently there are “dust proof potmeters,” because when you’re measuring your weed you sure as hell don’t want any PCP getting in there. We all saw Friday, right?

Source: No Treble

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