Jean Baudin Stretches his Limbs on an Outrageous 11-String Bass

I’d hate to focus more on the instrument than the player but damn, Nuclear Rabbit bassist and solo artist Jean Baudin has the most insanely awesome 11-string bass. It took four-entire-years for luthier Ken Lawrence to build it. Once you own such an object of beauty does all else pale in comparison? Are all women or men just girls and boys in your periphery? Do all tastes pass through you, indifferent and ashen?


Sorry. Anyway, nice fucking bass, man. And check out Baudin’s website. It’s like the Guggenheim if they had a wing about bass in a world where people gave a shit about bass, which they apparently don’t judging by the utter lack of enthusiasm from the bystanders in this video. You’d hope they’d be stoked since, drop-dead-sexy-lets-have-a-serious-committed-relationship-oh-god-don’t-tell-my-wife bass notwithstanding, the song is pretty awesome as well. Although I never did managed to get any good with Dhalsim.

p.s. Nice background tribute to Ryan Davis there. R.I.P.

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