“Tim Alexander Model” – Either He Has a Signature Drumstick, or He’ll Be Showing off Desinger Jeans on the Catwalk

It’s good to see Primus percussive god Tim “Herb” Alexander back on his feet again and looking spry after the recent health issue that forced him to temporarily abdicate the drum throne to Tool’s Danny Carey. Or, I suppose this video footage could have been filmed before Tim’s medical issue arose. Well, either way it seems he’s doing well, which is the important thing. So let’s celebrate with a drumstick.


Vater has released the “Tim Alexander Model,” aka the VMTAW: a lighter take on a 2B bruiser whittled down from Sugar Maple, a wood chosen for its airy effervescence.

TimAlexander_signature stick

That small rounded tip up top, which I like to refer to as “Tip” Alexander, was chosen to provide extra string articulation to this 16″ long, 0.635″ deep magic wand of drumming. Learn more about it on Vater’s Website, or get the goods from Tim himself in the video below.

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