This New SOLIDGOLDFX Fuzz Modulator Sounds Pretty Otherworldly

The SolidGoldFX Lysis MKII is here to show you what it’s like if aliens got a hold of a fuzz pedal.


According to the company, the pedal is “a fuzz pedal, an octave, a sweeping filter, and some kind of synth machine” that’ll take your tone to a whole new dimension. The Lysis MKII features polyphonic pitch shifting with options to go an octave down or up alongside super power chord voicings; selectable HP/LP filters with adjustable resonance; three Wave modes with 11 presents each for a wide variety of synth-type tones; and a Tap Tempo control with speed ramping & LFO braking.

For a look at the technical side of things, the Lysis MKII is a FET preamp and high-gain fuzz circuit going into SolidGoldFX’s digital polyphonic voice and filter generator, and then fed into a transistor output stage for a combination of analog warmth and digital clarity. The Lysis MKII is available here for $250, and you can check out a few killer demos chosen by SolidGoldFX below. Though they’re going to make you want a Lysis MKII, so either avoid ’em or have your wallet ready.

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