The Old DIGITECH Team Is Back

DigiTech is getting the old band back together by recruiting the entirety of the old team that put the brand’s name on the map. DigiTech, now owned by Cor-Tek, has announced Jim Pennock, Tom Cram, Roger Johnsen and Parker Coons as the new leads for their New Product Development and Marketing division. So yeah, the guys who made the Whammy and all the other pedals everyone “hated” but then loved are back.


“With its all-star U.S. R&D team in place, Cor-Tek is confidently moving towards its goals of revamping time-honored pedals and rolling out new innovations,” wrote DigiTech of the recruitment. “The team gets calls daily from many previous employees wanting to help the DOD and DigiTech brands come back to life and grow.”

So who knows – maybe this is another golden era for the DigiTech folks. Maybe they should start with a reissue of the Bad Monkey, now that everyone’s losing their damn minds over it?

On the acquisition, Cor-Tek originally wrote: “We’re pleased to inform you that we, Cor-Tek Corporation, maker of Cort guitars, have entered into a purchase agreement to acquire the DigiTech/DOD brand, including all DigiTech/DOD intellectual property and assets.

“Since 1973, DigiTech/DOD guitar effect pedals have been iconic in the guitar industry, and we have a deep admiration for the heritage and legacy of the DigiTech/DOD products. We look forward to continuing the manufacturing and selling of the iconic products as well as investing in new features and products.”

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