Everyone Wants A DigiTech Bad Monkey Now

JHS Pedals recently published a video of the Digitech Bad Monkey versus just about every other overdrive pedal out there. About three minutes in, a comparison comes up between the Bad Monkey and a the legendary KLON Centaur… and they sound damn near identical. Which made everyone under the sun run out and drive the prices of the Bad Monkey through the roof.


So how did JHS respond to this? Basically “tough shit, you had nearly two decades to get one.” This is also a great example of hype driving up prices, and that maybe folks should just enjoy gear for what it is. I mean seriously, look at these stupid prices.

“To the people complaining that I raised the price on this pedal and ‘now you can’t buy one,’ I would like to remind you you had 19 years to buy one, but you never cared. This pedal has existed four years longer than JHS as a company, and most guitarists have hated on it since day one. No one kept you from trying it in 2004. Learn to listen with your ears and not trends, and you will be a much happier guitarist.

“Next: People will list them for ridiculous prices, and it’s extremely easy to not to buy them at those prices. Just wait. They will return to normal, and people will move on to the next thing.

“One more thing: people listing for $600 and people buying them for $600 are two very different things. Sit back, relax, and enjoy guitar with what you have. The point of the episode was to help you see that what you have is enough.”

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