The Influence of Different Music Genres on Our Mood

Music has a huge impact on one’s emotional and mental state. This has been proven in recent years by scientists who have provided factual evidence about this phenomenon. Music has a way of interacting with the brain and influences one’s emotions, moods and brain synapses. When someone is sad they often listen to sad music and close themselves off from the rest of the world, but when someone is happy they listen to music that they can dance to.


Research has found that people who listen to upbeat music or music that makes them happy have improved their moods and their need for personal determination. By accessing one’s feelings through music, a person can process their feelings more productively. A recent medical study has proven that the psychology of music has lessened the strain of physical pain. Every genre of music benefits one in different ways, so it’s good to mix up your playlist every now and again. For example, rap often tells a story that helps many get over depression or see the brighter side of their situation, whilst blues music has a calming effect which makes the listener less nervous.

Rock and classical music has a tendency to change one’s mood if they are feeling down. Playing some old punk music can take you back to old classics which gives you a nice energy boost. Classical music is seen as being able to increase your brain power. Heavy metal music seems to increase people’s self-esteem whilst Broadway music tends to inspire us. Scientific research has shown that putting music with rhythm and pitch has improved learning and recall. A prime example of this is the teaching of children through music like the ABCs.

Music plays an enormous role in any casino whether it be a physical one or on a mobile casino. The purpose of the music is always to maintain a specific mood or create a certain atmosphere where players can better enjoy their games. Most of us don’t really react to the music or even pay attention but subconsciously the music does enhance the gaming experience. Studies have shown that it is quite an essential aspect of the game, and this is just one of the reasons why mobile casino operator mFortune has been such a huge success in this business. All of mFortune´s games are exclusive to the brand and are created by a team of in-house developers who recognise the importance of getting the audio right in all their games.

Although music has developed into an important aspect for game developers and players it still does not receive the attention that high-end computer graphics get. So it would be prudent for all game developers to become more aware of the positive effects that music has on their games, which has a direct influence on the long term success of their business.

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