The HX Stomp But BETTER? LINE 6 Announces New HX Stomp XL

Line 6 has just announced the release of their latest addition to their line of guitar amp modelers: the HX Stomp XL!


A powerful compact modeler, the HX Stomp XL is the natural evolution of the brand’s iconic HX Stomp floor modeler, with some added features. It includes some additional I/O options, capacitive-touch footswitches, and additional processing power. And being bigger than the HX Stomp but smaller than the full-sized Helix rack and floor models, the HX Stomp XL might be exactly the solution that many modern guitarists have been looking for.

The HX Stomp HL features:

  • The power of HX Stomp—now with eight footswitches
  • Exceptional sound quality with 123dB of dynamic range
  • The same SHARC® DSP chip and HX Modeling as Helix® processors
  • Eight capacitive-touch footswitches with color-coded LED rings
  • More than 300 HX and legacy amps, cabs, and effects—up to 8 simultaneous
  • Supports third-party impulse responses (IRs)
  • World-class polyphonic pitch-shifting effects
  • Split/parallel signal paths for maximum routing flexibility
  • Dual expression pedal/footswitch input for greater creative control
  • Stereo effects loop (mono/stereo TRS send + stereo returns)

You can learn more about and get your hands on the HX Stomp XL here.

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