The EHX STRING9 String Ensemble Makes Your Guitar Into A String Section

The Electro-Harmonix STRING9 pedal is pretty damn cool. The pedal essentially turns your guitar into a variety of synth-sounding string sections, which seems like it’d be pretty useful in a wide variety of contexts. Obviously not to simply emulate a string section, but instead to bring a new (and possibly weird) sound to your repertoire.


The STRING9 offers nine different sounds:

  • SYMPHONIC: Re-creates the sound of a large symphony orchestra and features an octave down effect on the lower range of the guitar for a full sound
  • JUNE-O: Emulates the Juno® analog string synthesizer sound
  • PCM: Sound of a small string section sampled by a vintage PCM keyboard producing a warm vintage string sound
  • FLOPPY: Emulates the sound of an Orchestron® optical disc playback sampler, warble included
  • AARP: Emulates the classic ARP Solina® string synthesizer
  • CREWMAN: Emulates the Crumar Performer® analog string and brass synthesizer; Floyd in a box
  • ORCH FREEZE: Orchestral sound with EHX Freeze effect
  • SYNTH FREEZE: String synthesizer sound with EHX Freeze effect
  • VOX FREEZE: Mellotron® choir and strings sound from the EHX MEL9 with EHX Freeze effect

The STRING9 is available here for $259.50.

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