The Best Online Bingo Tips And Tricks For 2022


2022 has been a year of surprises. In fact, we can extend that comment honestly to the still-budding 2020s. With more people working from home than ever, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sum of all boredom in the world has skyrocketed. This is why people have been turning to online sites and other ways of making money on the side.


Online bingo is one such method, and before you write off bingo as being just a game of skill, read this article. If you’re looking to get into bingo online, it is now more popular than ever, and with competition rising, you’re going to have to work for your win percentage. This article will give you tips and tricks from experienced online bingo players that consistently win and win big. And, after you’re done with this article, check out this link for great sites compared to pick out which website to play on. Here we go!

Online Bingo versus Traditional

Online bingo is a wonderful alternative to traditional bingo halls. Traditional bingo halls can be tiring to get to, dingy, rundown, and the games might be filled with a wide range of people who may be slow and drag the game’s pace. Not to mention, collecting your earnings becomes this whole process and you can’t easily hop into another game.

While offline bingo has its place, in this new online world I believe online bingo is here to stay, and it seems that people have responded this way too, with more and more online bingo sites popping up every day offering bigger welcome bonuses to an increasing player base. 

Free spins, free play and deposit add-ons are some of these benefits, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of something free, right?

With online bingo comes a much faster pace of play too. You no longer have to work about picking a good seat and straining against the bad PA system to hear the number. In an actual place, you have things that will make you lose focus, whereas at home in your online set-up you can easily zone in and pick timings where your children aren’t home.

Buy more cards

With more cards, you have a higher chance to win. This is simply a completely, commonsensical truth. However, you will be surprised how many online bingo players play one card at a time, hoping for any realistic winning chances. 

These players might be from the previous age of traditional bingo where you didn’t want to buy out more cards than you could monitor or the old online bingo patterns where the connection was shoddy so if you bought more cards, a little skip in the internet latency and you would’ve wasted too many chances.

We’re here to tell you that in this current age, this is simply not true — buying more cards will be wholly manageable up to a point, and boosts your win chances to a reasonable level.

If you say you’re playing in a room of 50 and you’re buying one card to everyone’s three, your winning chances will be lower than one per cent. Now, think about it. If instead of bingo I presented you with a box to slot a five-dollar bill into. Now I told you that over 99% of the time this box would just take your money, would you do it?

In general, try to buy enough cards so your chances to win are at least not in the decimals. Winning big once every hundred tries are still something that’s very realistic. You can depend on that. If your win percentages are too low, then it might take months for a win. This makes it difficult to compile and track your month-to-month winning performance.

Don’t side-bet

If you’re determined to play good bingo, then stick to playing bingo. No, that’s not to say you shouldn’t be taking advantage of and trying to cash out on your weekly, daily, and welcome free spins. 

In the online sphere, a lot of great bingo sites are part of a larger online casino, and so they will want you to venture into the other games offered on their site. What we mean is if you want to play bingo, spend most of your time playing bingo. This would mean being disciplined and accepting wagered free spins with reasonable wagering requirements — wages that add up to the amount you were planning on playing anyway.

People who are looking to improve on bingo, and get lured into the side-bets and wagered free spins often don’t make the best room choices. This is because they’re pressured to complete their wager to cash out their free spin earnings, and thus forget the plot.

Choose your rooms

That brings us to our last point. On an online bingo website, you will find plenty of rooms available, scheduled to fire at different times with different prize set-ups and popularity. Knowing how to navigate this language of how many tickets, how many people, and the different peak and off-peak crowds is crucial to winning.

Many experts stand by the rule that most players, especially new ones, should be playing during off-peak periods. This is because when fewer people are splitting the pool, you have a higher cut and a higher chance to win. Winning more allows players to see what card amounts and card layouts are leading them to Bingo more often. 

Being able to choose a good room also means being able to manage your external commitments and plan around the off-peak rooms. The most successful bingo players aren’t those working nine to seven at the bingo rooms, it’s the ones who play little and pay little. Remember that!


I hope with this article, your eyes have been widened on the level of strategy and preparation that underlies the deceptively simple game of bingo. 

Know that we have merely scratched the surface on the game of bingo and that there is so much more to learn through experience and through talking to other bingo players. That’s about all for today, take care and always play responsibly!

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