TC ELECTRONIC – Download Signature TREY XAVIER TonePrints for the Quintessence Harmonizer Pedal


TC Electronic is a company at the forefront of guitar effects, and with that in mind they have recently dropped the hottest harmonizer pedal of the decade – the Quintessence. I was lucky enough to be at GuitCon this year when TC Electronic was exhibiting, and they were kind enough to ask me to make a couple of TonePrints. Of course I said yes – how could I miss the chance to have my name among such gods as John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, and Bumblefoot? It’d be silly not to.

So I sat down with Tore, aka Pedal Jesus, and we banged out a couple of killer TonePrints that I’m pretty proud of, and I think for metal, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more usable preset. Just pick your key and instant Iron Maiden/Blind Guardian harmonies will flow forth from your axe.

Grab those bad boys right here for your Quintessence right now!

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