SUNN O))) And EARTHQUAKER DEVICES Release Limited Edition LIFE PEDAL Octave Fuzz Pedal

Seattle-based experimental metal band SUNN O))) have teamed up with the talented folks at EarthQuaker Devices to release a truly special effects pedal: Life Pedal! The pedal is a limited, hand numbered, tube amp crushing octave fuzz and distortion pedal with a boost. *whew*, that’s a lot of sick features to pack into a tiny pedal.


The Life Pedal was designed to empower the user to immerse themselves in the same full spectrum overdriven sonic palette as used on the newest SUNN O))) album, Life Metal. What the band and Earthquaker were able to come up with were pretty amazing, as the Life Pedal represents the core front end chain used in the studio sessions for their album, as well as to drive the tubes of the band’s multiple vintage Sunn O))) Model T amplifiers into overload.

“The octave fuzz inspired by the Shin-Ei FY2 & FY6 units leads the circuit into an LM308 chipped and brutal rodent big box distortion, recreated with the best components, and including a three-way clipping switch (op Amp, Asymmetric & Symmetric). Second stage is a purely clean boost to further overdrive the preamp tubes of your vintage system into -scaped harmonics, and feedback overtone bliss.”

You can learn more about the Life Pedal here.

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