LITTLE TYBEE: Tap Your Toes to This EARTHQUAKER DEVICES Rainbow Machine Demo From Guitarist JOSH MARTIN


Atlanta-based indie band Little Tybee bring a pretty unique sound to the table in today’s modern music landscape. While the band may have a jazzy, folky aesthetic to them, they’ve garnered quite the following of metalheads. That might have something to do with guitarist Josh Martin and his use of insane tapping techniques and practices (like this one). The dude is incredibly talented and forward-thinking as a musician, so his brand new demo of the Rainbow Machine pedal from EarthQuaker Devices is a real treat. Check it!

In the demo, Josh gets a little psychedelic, with some sick-as-hell flamingo socks and animated bird brethren to accompany him. The Rainbow Machine itself is described as a polyphonic pitch shifting modulator pedal, and Josh definitely makes that apparent. Essentially, the pedal creates real-time pitch shifts using digital oscillators as the guitar is played. It’s capable of some pretty crazy sounds akin to dream-like passages in movies or old-time soap operas. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself to believe it.

For all the latest Little Tybee goodness, peep their Facebook page. And to learn more about the Rainbow Machine from EarthQuaker Devices, click here.

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  • Power ups galore!

  • I’ve watched this video about 10 times now, I just love this fucking pedal! Josh Martin is a fucking beast!

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