Summer NAMM 2014 – Taye Drums’ Metalworks Double Kick Pedal is Infinitely Adjustable

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a drummer, but hell if I don’t love to smack on them when I can. I think the primal urge to beat on something is something that exists in all of us, musician or no. The fact remains, however, that double bass is hard to do. I’ve tried unsuccessfully many times, and I think a lot of what was wrong was that I just couldn’t find the right feel with the pedals I was using. Of course, it could just be that I should stick to the damn guitar.


California-based Taye Drums is banking on me finding that feel, though, and helping me to find it is maybe the most adjustable double kick pedal ever, the TMW MetalWorks. You can not only adjust the cam right on the shaft without taking it off, but move the beaters up, down, left, right, forward, or backwards. Essentially, you can move them on all 3 axes. The boards can also be slid forward or backward to change the feel of the pedal dramatically. I know some very picky drummers who will find this VERY intriguing.

I spoke with Todd Trent of Taye Drums at NAMM, and he took me through all the features of the pedal, as well as some of their new kits, and their new lineup of snares, for which they are most well known. Interestingly, they are now making a new line of concert toms due to a recent surge in demand from rock and metal drummers.

Check out the video for more details.

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  • “you can move them on all 3 axes”

    Wait I thought we were talking about drums.

  • In all honesty, these pedals are hardly anything special. The Tama Speedcobra or Pearl Demon Drives have been out for years now and can do practically everything these pedals can do and more. The one cool thing I like about these Taye pedals though is that you can slide the beater away or towards you without altering the angle of the beaters.

  • You gotta love Drummers…”The Tama Speedcobra or Pearl Demon Drives have been out for years now and can do practically everything these pedals can do and more” (Mason Stewart’s Comment)…to say “Practically Everything” & “and More” qualifies for Fungus’s “Definitely-Maybe-Master of the Obvious” Award. I usually give this to anyone with the ability to make me shoot Beer out my Nose…in essence saying that they’re almost as good…but better! LOL! The Cool thing about Taye’s Gear is that you can see the Thought & Care put into what they do…these guys don’t fly to China & Design the Equipment out of the “Off the Rack” Cheap-Ass Assembly Line Parts which you see in most EVERY other Big Box Drum Merchants Gear. I Build Drums and One-Off Custom Rack Systems, and know the Pretenders from the Contenders…these guys make one of the 5 Best Pedals in the World IMO. I put their MW in with Sonor’s Giant Step, the Malleus Custom Stuff, Trick & Axis are the Highest Quality Boards I’ve ever put a foot to. Axis is in a Quality Downward Spiral though, so someone else could slip in there…maybe DW & their “Machined” Pedal. DW fucking KILLS Me, only they could FINALLY make a half-ass decent Pedal in their Custom Shop and Act like they Re-Invented the Wheel…DW Drums-we make our stuff Heavy, so it’s gotta be good! LOL! “The NEW DW Machined Bass Drum Pedal “…the best Pedal in the World that’s Made in Mexico by 12 Year Olds. Rant Over…Fungus Out-

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