Summer NAMM 2014 – 1964 Ears In-Ear Monitors

Continuing our series of IEMs found at this year’s summer NAMM, is Portland, Oregon’s 1964 Ears. After only 4 years in the business they boast a clientele that includes Alex Rudinger (Conquering Dystopia, The Faceless), Brian “Head” Welch (Korn), and Demon Hunter to name a few.


They don’t enjoy the same level of visibility as a company like Ultimate Ears that we covered last week, but 1964 has a lot going for them. They are something of a family affair, with one of the older brothers in a family of 12 children starting the company. Currently 7 members of the Belonozhko family are employed by 1964, including the CEO. They are making products that are on par with some of the larger companies and pricing their products VERY competitively, offering a high number of drivers for the price.

They’ve also got this cool virtual designer feature that lets you pick out the different color options for your IEMs, as well as uploading custom artwork for them and see what they will look like before you order them. That’s something I haven’t seen from other companies.

I’ll let Roman from 1964 Ears give you the full rundown in the video.

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  • I got to demo a pair of the V8’s for two weeks. They were AMAZING. I’ve never heard anything like them. I ordered a pair as soon as I could. Would HIGHLY recommend for bassists.

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