ST. VINCENT’s Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Got a Limited Edition DayGlo Makeover

Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent

Just in time for her new record – Masseduction – Annie Clark, the guitarist/musician AKA St. Vincent, gave her EBMM signatures a full overhaul. Starting from the top, the axe itself is already pretty divisive in shape alone; especially in the metal community. The blacker-than-the-blackest-black version from earlier this year did totally win me over, but I can’t speak for everyone on that.


In a much brighter and bolder move, though, St. Vincent and the EBMM team went dumb in the paint department. Limited to 3 pieces each, you’d have to act quick to snag one of the following:

With 3 DiMarzio mini ‘buckers, ebony boards, stainless steel frets, and matte finishes, these suckers are spec’ed to play. I don’t know about you, but nobody’d have to twist my arm to play an orange/leopard version. Hell, any of these would undoubtedly be a rad, one-of-a-kind conversation piece in your collection. For a modest offering of $2499, you’ll even get a copy of the new album.

Check it out.

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