Ernie Ball Music Man Spring 2017 Collection Announced!

Behold! The Ernie Ball Music Man 2017 lineup has been unveiled. Bask in the glory of 27—27—new finishes on the company’s most popular models, including a reimagining of the Majesty. The new Majesty “Monarchy” comes in super sick transparent finishes with a flamed maple “shield,” and a gloss front/matte back arrangement. The purple and blue ones look damn tasty.


Other revamped models include the polarizing St. Vincent signature, the JP15, and a handful of Stingray basses. Everyone loves to hate on the St. Vincent; well, you’re all insane. I think it’s a brilliantly unique guitar and it looks stunning all murdered out for 2017. The JP15 is coming with a new “teal burst” finish and roasted maple neck and fretboard. You’ll also have your choice between a flamed or quilted maple top. Peep the complete lineup below:

The Majesty Monarchy:

MajestyBlack MajestyBlue MajestyPurp MajestyRed

The St. Vincent:

STVBlack STVBurst STVRed STVWhite

The 30th Anniversary Stingray 5:


The BFR Luke III:


The JP15:


The Cutlass:

CutlassCharcoal CutlassCoral

The Stingray guitar:

StingrayChar StingrayRed

The “Old Smoothie” bass:

Old Smoothie Orange Old Smoothie Mint

The Stingray 4:

Stingray4blue Stingray4gold

The Stingray 5:

Stingray5blue Stingray 5 Purple

And last but not least, the Bongo bass:

Bongo Gold Bongo Purple

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I’m actually super stoked on this announcement, even though I’m a lefty who never gets to enjoy anything in the guitar world. It’s a real toss-up between the JP15 in teal and the all-black St. Vincent for me. What say you, gear geeks?

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  • That murdered-out St. Vincent looks way more appealing than any other edgy pointy guitar on the market.

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