SONIBLE’s Smart:Limit Uses AI to Adjust Loudness and Dynamics

Sonible’s new Smart:Limit limiter uses AI and adjustable settings to give your mix the proper loudness while still allowing your mix to breathe. The Smart:Limit uses intelligent processing to analyze the details of your track, and then adjust it accordingly to meet the safe zone requirements of streaming platforms or loudness standards.


The Smart:Limit has several genre presets to choose from, but also allows users to upload a reference track if they’re after something more specific. The Smart:Limit is useable both with and without the automatic parametrization, as well as with a combination of both. Other options include adjusting between soft and hard limiting styles with the Style knob; adding saturation with the Saturation knob; adjusting the end product with the Balance knob; and adding a little low end with the Bass knob.

The Smart:Limit is available here for $89.

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