Seymour Duncan Can’t Drive 805, Can Release the 805 Overdrive

Let’s face it: there are a lot of overdrive pedals out there, and maybe half of them are styled after a vintage Tube Screamer. Hell, most of them are even green. There’s a reason why Pro Tone Pedals, after designing their take on the on the old classic, titled it the “Dead Horse.” The market is saturated.


Yet when a company has some novel variation on an time-tested perennial favorite, it’s worth taking notice. Seymour Duncan have thrown their proverbial hat into the ring with the new 805 overdrive. And do you see those knobs? That’s a 3-band active EQ, adding or subtracting up to 11db at 90 Hz on the bass knob, 750 Hz on the midrange, and the treble control goes one louder by giving you 12db of boost or cut at 2.1 kHz.

Other features include true bypass, in/out jacks at the back instead of the sides for a better fit on compact pedalboards, and a power supply that can accept DC power at the usual 9v, but will take up to 18v if you’re feeling power mad. If you want to hear some… clips (get it, because it’s a distortion pedal so it’s clipping…) Seymour Duncan provided this convenient demo video. For more info head to Seymour Duncan’s website.

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  • This is neat. Cranking the drive on these pedals often gives you a nice low end but adds dirtiness into the highs, so the ability to crank some thump in with the EQ without muddying the tone is useful.

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