Sergio Vega Leaves Deftones Ahead of 2022 Tour

The latest update for the upcoming Deftones 2022 Tour has left some long-time fans shocked and disappointed: bassist Sergio Vega has left the band after twelve years with Deftones. The news comes as the band prepares to kick off its 2022 tour in Portland, which comes after two long years of delays to their original summer 2020 format.


For some, it’s a surprising update that’s coming only months before the band’s scheduled kickoff event for the US leg of the tour. For others, it’s instead brought up other questions, the most important being who Deftones’ new bassist will be.

The 2022 Tour

Over the next year, Deftones will be touring across 18 countries for a total of 49 new shows. Most fans have been holding onto their tickets since 2020 when the original summer tour was scheduled. While the band has added locations like Croatia and the UK to their tour list, the most anticipated events are scheduled in the US.

One of the band’s biggest stops in the upcoming tour is their May 18 show at The Met in Philadelphia, where they’ll play with Gojira. The event is expected to be one of the biggest on their tour—in part thanks to Pennsylvania’s growing reputation as an entertainment mecca. In recent years, there’s been a boom related to sports betting and iGaming state-wide.

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But there’s one huge caveat: will Vega’s departure from Deftones be noticeable on the upcoming tour? And, once again, who are the likely candidates to take his place as lead bassist?

Vega Releases Statement

In February 2022, rumors began circulating that Vega might not stay in the band. First, Deftones uploaded a new photo to their Spotify profile that notably lacked the bassist. Second, Vega began selling some of his equipment on the retail site Reverb.

Given Vega had continued to tour with his other band, Quicksand, there didn’t seem to be any outstanding reasons the bassist would depart from Deftones. Shortly after speculation began in February, Vega released a statement confirming his departure.

According to Vega, his involvement in the band began officially in 2009 after the band’s second bassist, Chi Cheng, passed away—but Vega has yet to be offered a stable and lucrative contract like other founding members such Frank Delgado. After twelve years of back and forth, Vega cut the tie—officially.

Questions for a New Bassist

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has since come forward to claim that Vega was ‘outta pocket’ in regards to his contractual expectations. Regardless of whether Vega’s departure has led to bad blood, Deftones are running out of time to finalize which bassist will kick off their US tour.

However, Vega’s official departure came back in early 2021, which hints that Deftones haven’t been under the gun to find a replacement. Still, the band has remained tight-lipped about their latest member, which has led to plenty of speculation from fans.

While there aren’t any clear contenders for the place, they’ll need to be at the top of their careers. During his time with Deftones, Vega was instrumental in producing Deftones’ albums Diamond Eyes, Koi No Yokan, Gore, and their latest release from 2020, Ohms.

Vega is known for his hard playing style, which relies on effects chains in order to add more energy and emotion to his songs. His emphasis is always on intensity, as Vega believes the bass is an instrument that hits people in the gut—and he’s not afraid to use distortion to hit the right note with audiences.

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