STEEL PANTHER’s Satchel Made Some Bitchin’ TonePrints for TC Electronic, the “P*ssy Melter” and “Viagra Substitute”


Steel Panther’s shred-machine guitarist, Satchel, recently visited TC Electronic’s HQ in Denmark. While there, he fiddled out a couple of raunchy guitar tones for their TonePrint library.

Satchel’s signature TonePrints consist of an orgasmic Flashback Delay patch (aptly named “Pussy Melter“) and a rock solid Hall Of Fame Reverb patch (appropriately dubbed “Viagra Substitute“). You could say a lot of things about Steel Panther, but you cannot say they don’t have brand consistency.

Load up the Pussy Melter and Viagra Substitute on these bad boys right here.

If you’re wondering wtf a “TonePrint” is, it’s TC Electronic’s patch format that can be transferred via USB to compatible pedals. A bunch of your favorite players (like our man Satchel) have made tones for the official patch collection that’s hosted on the TC Electronic website. Maybe most importantly though, that library of TonePrint files is completely free to download. Which is, y’know, pretty cool.

So, if you’ve got a TC Electronic Flashback Delay or Hall Of Fame Reverb pedal sitting atop your amp right now, you’re ready to go son. Go download the TonePrint files and let ol’ Satchel get up in there.

If you don’t have either pedals, you know where to get them.

And if you like sleazy single-entendres, or references to sexy time in general, the pussy melting Steel Panther have a brand new album out called Lower The Bar. Cop it here.

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